Climatefarming in northern Senegal

Definition Climatefarming en francais

Definition Climate Farming

Climate farming uses agricultural means to keep carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses from escaping into the atmosphere. Like organic farming, climate farming maintains biodiversity and ecological balance on productive, argicultural land. But climate farmers like Hans-Peter Schmidt go a step further and covert leftover organic mass into biochar, a solid carbon compound that can improve soil quality. Biochar production also creates a kind of gas that can then be burned to help generate power. A climate farm could grow food, generate power, and help keep carbon out of the air.

Climatefarming – Pour une agriculture durable

von Hans-Peter Schmidt

Le climatefarming est souvent décrit comme une méthode agricole au moyen de laquelle du CO2 est prélevé de l’atmosphère et stocké de façon stable dans le sol sous forme de carbone. Ceci pourrait permettre de freiner le changement climatique. Mais le climatefarming, c’est également un concept écologique durable pour l’agriculture du future, qui produira aussi bien des denrées alimentaires que de l’énergie et de l’air propre, encouragera la biodiversité et protégera le paysage.

Au travers de leurs feuilles, les plantes prélèvent du dioxyde de carbone contenu dans l’air et le transforment à l’aide de la lumière, de substances minérales et de l’eau en molécules carboniques. Lorsque la plante meurt ou pourrit, ou si elle est mangée et digérée, les molécules longues de carbone sont de nouveau scindées. Ce processus libère de l’énergie et donc du carbone qui, composé à plus de 99% de CO2, s’évapore dans l’atmosphère. (en savoir plus ...)

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Climatefarmingprojekt Öfen für Afrika

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010

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June 22, 2010
Vol. 18

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Clean Water without Sewers

Have you ever wondered how our body lets air flow to lungs and food to our stomach? The solution is rather simple, we have valves controlling entrance into lungs and the stomach.

Björn Bellander took a close look at the cost of plumbing in newly-built houses and wondered how to reduce costs. He got inspired by the human body and decided to model a house keeping the human body as a benchmark. His aim was the design of one integrated system with valves, coordinating the flows of water and air, reducing the plumbing, while putting up a control center. The combination of the water and air flows also keeps the pipes clean.

The technology became known as the SplitBox, and the company SplitVision AB was established to commercialize this technique. The greatest advantage is that homes, buildings, schools are now capable of treating all waste water on site. There is no more need to connect to the sewage system. If this were used in new urban designs, then one can eliminate these capital investments and reduce taxes.


Detailed information on the business model and its potential is available at - or as pdf, if you do not wish to register there.

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